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Bear Skull Wallpeper



One of my favorite creepy backgrounds courtesy of Peregrine Creative. Below there you can also grab a left sided version (for Mac people out there) and an epic invert.

Merry Halloween!




‘Overtone’ – Excerpt 3

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‘Overtone’ – Excerpt 1

‘Overtone’ – Excerpt 2

“You mean for me to kill this thing?!” He rose to his feet quickly from where he crouched and un-slung his pack to retrieve the ancient knife. He had thought that he was somehow meant to tame the creature, not fight it.

“Is the Great One afraid?” mocked the macrobe as its invisible pattern flowed through the environment, “It must be done and done with skill and speed. Trust the knife; it knows. He cannot escape wounded. Do not waste his precious lifeblood with more than one blow. You will need every ounce of his strength in the future. One strike to the heart will do fine. I must go try to bring him to you, but I will be there to assist you with the ritual once he is down.”

The macrobe’s trace vanished, and Lucien was alone with nothing but a bone knife with which to hunt a giant bear. (Keep Reading!) Continue reading

‘Overtone’ – Excerpt 2

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Overtone Excerpt 1

“This is the place,” said Lucien suddenly.

“What?” Katie quickly slowed the truck.

“Thank you for your service Katie, you won’t be forgotten,” Lucien spoke quickly as he simultaneously reached into his coat pocket and opened the passenger door of the still moving truck..

“You are strong Katie, you might be able to help me again if we ever meet.  Here, take this,” he handed her a pendant on a cord that he had prepared for just such a purpose.

Before Katie could respond Lucien was out the door of the rolling vehicle and disappearing around the corner of a dark alley. The young girl was amazed and bewildered. The pendant was made of flat metal smooth on the edges with a warm luster. It was shaped like a spiral with six points each engraved with a unique symbol.
Continue reading

Random Sketches


Since the Blogosphere seems to enjoy sketches, here’s a random smattering of creatures I’ve doodled. You can see some concepts for a hyper-evolved Raven/dragon and a hybrid bear-raven anthro. Not much else to say, just random critters that crawl around in my brain.

Because, Unicorns.

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Just another blog, a place to share my inspirations, my writing, etc...


Just another blog, a place to share my inspirations, my writing, etc...


Just another blog, a place to share my inspirations, my writing, etc...

Novel Conclusions

"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master." - Ernest Hemingway

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